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Rotary/Lions East Timor Dental Project 




Team visit to East Timor 21/4/10 to 1/5/10


The team consist of Dr T Yuen (coordinator), Dr D Wearn, Ms Donna Furler, Ms Thanh Dam and Ms Sandy Elson.


The trip was accompanied by Mr Domingos Maia, dental nurse from Dili.


We arrived Dili on 22/4 and met with the Ministry of Health and also Dr Fernando of National Hospital.


Using Bakhita as the base we visited Fatubessi and Raemerhei (2 remote villages). The roads were terrible because of the rain. It was really 4x4 country, crossing streams, mud holes and rocks. The Dental Nurse from Gleno, Paul joined us and we did some training for him.


The team attended ANZAC memorial dawn service in Dili on 25/4.


Then we travelled to Lospalos, a 6 hour drive. The highlight of the trip was that we ran a clinic on the beach front at Com, a seaside village. We revisited a Salesian convent for traumatised and disadvantaged girls. With prior planning and input from the team this visit was much better than the one we did 12 months ago with less stress and screaming from the girls. It was nice and encouraging that Tibesio, the Dental Nurse from Lospalos joined us for the 3 days. We did some training for him too.


Dr Wearn went on to Ailieu and ran a clinic there.


It was school holiday in East Timor. We did not visit any schools.


In total we did 49 fillings, 409 extractions, 17 S/C, 5 surgical extractions, 1 emergency endo and 7 consults.


Dr Terry Yuen