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Rotary/Lions East Timor Dental Project 


Team visit to East Timor 1/7/10 to 10/7/10


The team consist of Dr T Yuen (coordinator), Dr Brian Phillips, Mrs Dawn Phillips, Ms Donna Furler, Ms Sharyn Borrett, David Oetjen and Ken Farmer.


The trip was accompanied by Mr Domingos Maia, dental nurse from Dili.


We arrived Dili on 1/7. The car was serviced while we were away. This saved us a day. We further put in some handles at the back so that passengers have something to hold onto when we travelled on rough roads. (This proved to be a blessing on this trip because of the rain and the rough road.) With the help of Brian’s technician via mobile we installed the new compressor and the mobile suction unit. This was easier than we thought. The Josephine nuns sent in 13 patients from their community. Together with our regulars this kept us very busy. We did not finished work till 5.30pm(very late by East Timor standard).



We went to Ailieu and were told that a staff member of the hospital passed away yesterday and the dental nurses would not attend the clinic. We did 22 patients. Brian decided to cook dinner that night (very good cook) and it was great fun.



The dental nurses did not turn up. We did 10 patients and decided to go to Mt Ramalu.



Got up early and climbed Mt Ramalu. The car got bogged and we walked to the car park. The young ones walked to the top. Brian and Terry did not make it. We drove to Bahkita in the afternoon.


5/7 – 9/7

Using Bakhita as the base we visited the area schools of Liquisala, Estado, Letefoho, Tocoluli, Humboe, Raicala, Bahkita and Lauala and its adjacent orphanage. Donna and Domingos gave oral health presentation to the schools. We then screened the children and treated anyone who required dental treatment.



Last day in Dili. We had dinner with Martin Hall. It was great to exchange ideas re dental project in Ailieu.


High lights of the trip:

The group got on very well

Brian brought a guitar along and it was great fun to have singing session at night.

Team meetings (happy hour) were very successful.

3 dental students came along to observe and help to screen the children.

A research project was conducted to investigate the suitability of Fugi IX as a filling material in East Timor. This was carried out by the students under the supervision of T Yuen.


Paul the dental nurse from Gleno did not join us because his wife just had a new baby




In total we screened 1560 school children, did 55 fillings, 328 extractions, and 3 S/C


Dr Terry Yuen