mm1Early in June 2012 Mark had a visitor to see him at Calvary Hospital; it was Her Excellency Quentin Bryce AC CVO the Governor General.

Some years ago when Her Excellency was visiting Timor Leste for the first time she visited a birthing centre, where she was invited to hold a baby just a few hours old. When she looked down, she saw that the baby had a cleft. The mother named the little girl after Her Excellency and since then she has maintained a close interest in the welfare of the child. After initial thoughts that the child may need to come to Australia, the Governor General’s Office were made aware of the OSSAA / RACS team visits and that the surgery could be performed by them in Dili.

The cleft lip repair occurred in March 2009 when baby Quentin was two months old.

mm2Her Excellency saw her little namesake again on her recent visit to Timor Leste to celebrate the nations ten years of independence. Following up on this visit, she on her recent time in Adelaide asked to meet with Mark and pass on her personal thanks for what has been done for baby Quentin.

At the conclusion of Her Excellency’s visit she had her photo taken with Mark at the hospital.