The second OSSAA Plastic and Reconstructive surgical team visit to Timor Leste was on the advice of our local counterparts shifted to Dili from it’s usual location in Baucau – this being decided on the basis that there were more patients in need of treatment geographically located nearer to Dili at this time. This visit in this our twentieth year of continuous service in Timor Leste is the 48th mission by OSSAA teams since independence was achieved from Indonesia, and it occurs at an interesting time of transition for the delivery of surgical teaching and training
by RACS.

The planning and preparation for the teams visit was as is usual under the careful and expert watch of Mr Sarmento Correia (the RACS in country
coordinator) and our local counterpart surgical colleague Dr Joao Ximenes.

Pre-visit discussion with Maria Dias and the visiting orthodontists to the PAS Dental clinic raised the possibility that on this visit we could perform our first Alveolar bone grafting procedure for cleft lip and palate patients – the first time this has occurred in Timor Leste.

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Dili Moore – November 2019